The Arc Minnesota and Other Direct Care Advocates Hold Rally at Capitol

The Arc Minnesota as part of the Best Life Alliance participated in a rally at the state capitol in support of higher wages for DSPs. Attendees included more than 1,000 DSPs, family members, self-advocates, and other advocates. They held more than 160 meetings with legislators. That afternoon, the Minnesota House Health and Human Services Finance Committee held a hearing on HF 873, the bill to increase DSP wages, and approved it for consideration in the Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill.

The Arc Minnesota Executive Director Condemns American Health Care Act at Press Conference

At a press conference at the Minnesota state capitol, Steve Larson, Senior Policy Director at The Arc Minnesota, delivered a powerful speech about the harmful impact that the proposed American Health Care Act will have on people with I/DD. In his speech, he noted that “a health plan should not be developed on the backs of people with disabilities” and highlighted the harm Medicaid cuts could have on the chapter’s efforts at the state level to reduce parental fees for medical assistance programs for children with disabilities and increase DSP wages.

The Arc Minnesota Testifies at Hearings on Parental Fee Reduction Bills

The Arc Minnesota testified in favor of SF 807 and HF 1182.  These bills reduce the income-based parental fees for participation in TEFRA (a medical assistance program for children with disabilities) by 50%.  Parents testifying at the hearing discussed how the fees were depleting their savings, driving them into debt, and in some cases forcing them out of the program.  Steve Larson, Senior Policy Director at The Arc Minnesota, stated in his testimony: “It’s unconscionable that children in our state are not receiving the health care and therapies that they need because of these parental fees.”  The Star Tribune covered the hearing.

The Arc Minnesota Hosts Disability Matters Day at State Capitol

The Arc Minnesota and other disability advocacy groups recently hosted “Disability Matters Day” at the State Capitol.  Approximately 350 advocates attended, including representatives from seven local chapters of The Arc.  Advocates attended a rally and met with legislators. While a number of issues were discussed, the focus was on the dramatic increase in parental fees on services provided to children with I/DD through Medical Assistance programs which create a great strain on family budgets. Advocates noted that as a matter of policy, parental fees should not be so high that parents are forced to drop out of programs that provide needed services for their child due to the financial strain of the fees on the family budget. Kelly Kausel, an advocate with The Arc Greater Twin Cities, gave a powerful speech at the rally about the impact of parental fees on her family.

The Arc Minnesota Organizes Disability Advocacy Day at State Capitol

The Arc Minnesota and the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities recently organized an advocacy day at the state capitol.  Participants made posters of stories showing the need to increase income and asset limits for Medicaid.  Guthrie Byard of The Arc Greater Twin Cities spoke in favor of increasing housing assistance, while Steve Larson, Executive Director of The Arc Minnesota, spoke in favor of increased access to consumer-directed community supports.

The Arc of Minnesota Issues 2017 Public Policy Priorities

The Arc of Minnesota has issued its 2017 public policy priorities. These include, among others, implementing new employment services, expanding consumer-directed community supports, and increasing funding for housing. On January 10, The Arc of Minnesota and the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance will host the first “Tuesday at the Capitol” of the new legislative session where they will provide a brief update on legislative priorities, distribute fact sheets, and hold a press conference. This will also present an opportunity for members of The Arc of Minnesota to meet with their state legislators.

The Arc of Minnesota and the Best Life Alliance Seek Stories of Benefits of DSPs

The Arc of Minnesota and the Best Life Alliance are seeking stories from residents of every legislative district in the state that demonstrate the importance of DSPs in order to work towards a DSP hourly wage increase in 2017. Minnesotans interested in participating should fill out this template and consent form and email them to [email protected]. More resources are available on their web site.

The Arc Minnesota Gathers Stories on DSP Workforce Crisis

The Arc Minnesota, through its work with the Best Life Alliance in an effort called “Meet Minnesota DSPs,” is gathering stories from direct support professionals (DSPs), self-advocates, and family members throughout the state who are affected by the workforce crisis to educate policymakers on current workforce challenges for those supporting individuals with I/DD in order to motivate them to take action in 2017.

The Arc Minnesota Helps Host Candidate Forums

The Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, of which The Arc Minnesota is a part, is hosting seven candidate forums throughout the month of October.  These forums are designed to educate voters on their local candidate’s viewpoints on issues affecting people with disabilities and their families, and to provide attendees with the information needed to vote. 

The Arc of Minnesota Meets with Congressman Erik Paulsen

The Arc of Minnesota recently organized its staff, self- advocates, and other volunteers and chapters to meet with Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen. Most of the participants shared their stories about the importance of Medicaid and Social Security — two of the federal lifelines for people with disabilities and their families. Senior Policy Advocate Gene Martinez encouraged Representative Paulsen to support the three bills introduced in the House this year to build on the provisions of the ABLE Act.