The Arc of Illinois Responds to Chicago Tribune Series

The Chicago Tribune published a two-part series (part 1part 2) about the troubling conditions inside Illinois group homes and the lack of proper oversight by the stateportraying the conditions as a natural result of deinstitutionalization.  In response, Executive Director Tony Paulauski and Board President Terri Devine each wrote letters to the editor expressing the importance of community living and calling on legislators to reform the system and fund a living wage for direct support professionals. Paulauski wrote: “‘Suffering in Secret'” has identified serious problems, but it also should remind Rauner and legislators that Illinois can no longer continue to fund an obsolete institutional system at the expense of community services. It is time to close six of the seven fully operational state institutions in Illinois. It is time to invest those resources into home- and community-based services. It is time for Illinois to step up and transform the disability system here in Illinois like Indiana and 14 other states that have closed those obsolete state institutions.”