The Arc Texas Advocates for End of Sub-Minimum Wage in State Programs

The Arc Texas is advocating for passage of HB 2409, which phases out the use of sub-minimum wage in the Purchasing from People with Disabilities Program. Only 8 of the 116 organizations participating in the program currently pay sub-minimum wage.  The bill would give them three years to phase it out with support from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The Arc Wisconsin Successfully Advocates for End to Subminimum Wage for City Workers in Madison

As a result of The Arc Wisconsin’s advocacy efforts, The Madison Common Council approved an ordinance change ending the use of subminimum wage for city employees with disabilities.  In a press release from The Arc Wisconsin, Wisconsin Board of People with Developmental Disabilities, and the Madison Mayor’s Office, Lisa Pugh, Executive Director of The Arc Wisconsin, stated “This step in recognizing the civil rights of people with disabilities to equal pay sends a strong message. The Arc Wisconsin thanks Madison for once again leading the way.”